InvoYouth – Together for civic engagement


The project aims to improve the capacity of the partner organisations to interact with young people in order to activate them for engaging in their communities. Via achieving the main objectives, the following projects developed will have a higher chance of attracting young people to involve and therefore raise the overall performance of the activities. Therefore, the project will help us identify new ways we can encourage and motivate the youth to contribute in the process of community problem-solving.

The phenomenon we are currently facing is that, although young people believe that their involvement can produce change in their communities, most of them do not engage because they either lack time or they are not interested in doing so. These two reasons translate in a decreasing intention of youth to participate in the democratic processes. Disinterest can have multiple reasons, some of which can be: lack of information regarding the ways they can engage in their communities, lack of belief that they can have the support they need, lack of understanding of the problems they face.

In this situation, the NGO’s have an essential role of sharing information with the young people about how they can tackle the problems they face, as well as assure them that they will get the support they need. However, as the dynamic of social interactions is ever changing, the organisations are challenged to adapt in order to find the best ways they can reach young people. The project will help the partner organisations find these ways and so get in touch with the young people, in order to fulfil the role of supporting and informing them about engagement. Therefore, the project will help destroy the barrier that is set between NGOs and young people and clear the way for them to help youth involved in the community and promote active citizenship.

Project objectives:

O1: Increasing the innovation rate of the partner organisations in implementing activities that focus on youth engagement

O2: Increasing the understanding of the partner organisations of the reasons young people in Bucharest and Málaga don’t engage in their communities

O3: Increasing the capacity of the partner organisations to work with young people

O4: Increasing the participation rate in civic activities of the young people in the schools and universities of Bucharest and Malaga

O5: Improving the capacity of non-partner organisations to engage young people