A (way) to learn

EuroMuevete was founded in 2018 by a group of young people and youth workers from Málaga, who found out that the youth in their local community needs the support to develop their personal and professional skills to have a better chance in the labor market, as well to raise the awareness of their needs when they choose their university.

What we do

Based on our experiences and knowledge, we offer youth and adults the opportunity to combine their willingness to learn, we are also helping them develop themselves and giving them a chance to get to know other cultures.


Youth exchanges

Exchange of experience between young people, 13-30 years old participating in national groups in the international environment, guided by the group leaders 18+.

Mobility of youth workers

Programmes (training course, seminar, job shadowing, study visit, and contact-making seminar) developing the youth workers’ professional competencies.


Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values programme

Aims to protect and promote rights and values as enshrined in the EU in particular by supporting civil society organisations active at local, regional, national and transnational level.

Europe for Citizens

Europe for Citizens (EFC) support initiatives to strengthen remembrance of the recent European history and to enhance civic participation at EU level.


Local projects

Activities which we do in our local community.

Our Impact





Upcoming Project & Events

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